Politécnico do Porto

For the new identity of Politécnico do Porto, the Portuguese designer Rui Mendonça wanted to build a strict and confident lettering with stencil shapes. He also wanted a new family of typefaces (Sans and Serif) to cover all the aspects of the new design, so they could be used exclusively by Politécnico do Porto. With Porto Sans we intended to keep a certain rigidity of the typographic shapes, enhancing legibility and simplicity.

With three weights and matching italics, Porto Sans is available in Light, Regular and Bold. Porto Serif is the counterpart of the Sans typefaces developed for Politécnico do Porto. Porto Serif is a type family to be used in official documents, very neoclassical, with perfect ball terminals and tapered serifs that make slight curve to the vertical strokes slightly, making the text look fluid in small sizes, while providing a distinct softness when used in big sizes. Both Porto Sans and Porto Serif perfectly match in terms of stroke width and weight.